Learn front-end development and build three fully functional example apps with advanced features, using HTML, CSS and plain JavaScript. Learn by:

  • reading our course materials
  • asking questions
  • testing your understanding with the help of quizzes
  • coding example apps in practice projects
  • getting feedback from your coaches

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize different kinds of associations and class hierarchies in data (models).
  2. Map associations to reference properties of JS classes.
  3. Map class hierarchies to database tables.
  4. Render reference properties in a user interface with suitable HTML form controls and widgets.
  5. Code complex data handling front-end apps with plain JavaScript.

Our expert instructors Mircea Diaconescu and Gerd Wagner will coach you in this course. Just ask your questions on the forums or by sending them a message. They will help you to solve any issue you may experience.